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Diversus recipes: spaghetti with shrimps, zucchini and garlic - 15/9/2017

This week Jonathan, chef at Diversus, the first fish restaurant in Chianti, proposes an apparently simple but really tricky recipe to make. As an old saying goes, "the devil is the detail." And details are the strength of this tasty and light dish.

Shrimps and zucchini is a traditional and winning combination, but there are many ways to marry them in a perfect love marriage. Here is ours, a great classic with a touch ... Diversus!


1 kg fresh shrimps

1 onion


5 tomatoes


10 cl cream

50 cl of white wine

50 cl of fish stock


Remove the shrimps’ heads and cook them in olive oil with garlic and tomatoes. Add fish stock and white wine. When the sauce is reduced by half, filter it. If necessary, add salt and pepper.

Clean the shrimps’ tails by removing the black stripe and cut them into small pieces. Keep them aside.

Slice some of the zucchini and, together with garlic, put them in a pan with the shrimp sauce. As soon as they are baking, dedicate yourself to the spaghetti.

Drain them when they are 80% of the cooking and add them to the pan with zucchini, cream and shrimp slices, finish the cooking of the pasta directly in the pan.

Plate and garnish with fresh parsley.

We are waiting for you at our restaurant to enjoy this dish with all our heart and our passion: good appetite from Diversus!

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