Diversus recipes: squids with tomato and spicy sausage - 26/9/2017
Diversus is the first fish restaurant in Chianti, but we do not despise the joys of sausages. So we decided to make two apparently very different ingredients live together. A delicate flavor and a strong flavor. Sea and land. To combine squid and sausage in a single recipe was a challenging bet, worthy of the name of our restaurant! We succeeded ... and we invite you to come and visit us to try it as soon as possible.


- Squid

- Spicy sausage

- 1 red onion

- Garlic

- Cherry tomatoes

For tomato sauce

- 1 kg of tomatoes

- 1 onion

- 50 gr. garlic

- Fresh herbs (basil, parsley, oregano)

- Salt and pepper


Cook everything together with a little olive oil over medium for 15 minutes.

Once the sauce is ready, clean the squids and fry them in olive oil in a hot frying pan with red onion, garlic, hot sausage and cherry tomatoes for 3/4 minutes stirring.

Pour the tomato sauce on a plate (like on a pizza) and lay over the squids.

Finish the plating by decorating with the herbs.

A tip in the ear

How can you tell the difference between a squid and a shortfin squid? It seems difficult but it is not: you have to look at the fins. The squid has lateral sides, and they cover half the total length (excluding tentacles), while in the other they are at the lower end. A little advice, useful when you want to buy them!

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