Badia a Coltibuono: a pearl of history, art and wine tradition in the heart of Chianti - 18/10/2017

In the Chianti hills certainly, neither wine nor history is lacking. If there is a summary of all this gathering into one, fascinating place, it is surely Badia a Coltibuono. It is a romantic ...

Diversus and Albergo del Chianti present: New Year's Eve menu! - 11/10/2017

Even though it's only October, it's time to think of the end of the year's celebrations! This year, New Year's Day falls on Monday, so it's fine for the weekend: a perfect time to think of a ...

Diversus recipes: squids with tomato and spicy sausage - 26/9/2017

Diversus is the first fish restaurant in Chianti, but we do not despise the joys of sausages. So we decided to make two apparently very different ingredients live together. A delicate flavor and a ...

Diversus recipes: spaghetti with shrimps, zucchini and garlic - 15/9/2017

This week Jonathan, chef at Diversus, the first fish restaurant in Chianti, proposes an apparently simple but really tricky recipe to make. As an old saying goes, "the devil is the ...

Diversus recipes: fish and seafood "Spadellata" - 5/9/2017

For us at Diversus, the main ingredient must be at the center of attention. A ride through the markets where the freshest fish is sold will lead us to select different types of fish, depending on ...

Diversus recipes: carpaccio of anglerfish, grit granite and marinated cucumber - 14/8/2017

Today we present you one of the recipes you can find in the menu of Diversus, the first restaurant in Chianti specializing in fish based cuisine. A fresh and summer recipe that will surprise you, ...

Diversus: interview with the chef Mr. Jonathan Beeckman - 16/7/2017

This week we are having a chat with Chef Jonathan, a Belgian cook who decided to make a very peculiar challenge: to open a seafood based restaurant in the heart of Chianti. Thats ...

Diversus: our food-wine combinations - 30/6/2017

"Diversus" is the first restaurant specializing in seafood cuisine in Chianti. This choice, perhaps a little straightforward but unique, requires attention to the quality of ingredients ...

Diversus: our weekly menu - 27/6/2017

The philosophy of "Diversus" is simple: to offer something absolutely unprecedented in the Chianti area. For this reason, we have decided to defy tradition and offer a fine fish based ...

Diversus: a seafood restaurant in the heart of Chianti - 10/6/2017

Diversus is the restaurant you do not expect.Almost a heretic choice in a land devoted to red wine and meat, Diversus, the first restaurant in the area to specialize in fish dishes, is a new ...

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Вкус Кьянти

«Вкус и цвет» Кьянти с дегустацией вин и типичных продуктов, и возможностью окунуться в местный, неповторимый колорит (2 дня).

История и замки Тосканы

Обширный маршрут по региону Кьянти с уклоном в средневековье, сопровождаемый дегустациями местных продуктов (3 дня).

Сиена и Кьянти: между вкусом и историей

Ознакомтесь с некоторыми из самых красивых замков и средневековых городков, отведайте типичные тосканские блюда, полюбуйтесь великолепным городом Сиеной (4 дня).

Оздоровление в Кьянти: чудеса винотерапии

Красота тосканской глубинки объеденена с днем, наполненным современными методами укрепления здоровья (2 дня).

Верховая езда в Кьянти: незабываемый опыт

Прогулка верхом прекрасно расслабляет и дарит возможность быть ближе к природе в одном из самых прекрасных мест в мире.




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