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Diversus: interview with the chef Mr. Jonathan Beeckman - 16/7/2017
This week we are having a chat with Chef Jonathan, a Belgian cook who decided to make a very peculiar challenge: to open a seafood based restaurant in the heart of Chianti. That’s how Diversus was born!
- How did you come up with the idea of opening a seafood restaurant in Chianti?

I already worked some years as a sommelier in France and Bernard, the owner of Le Muricce talked to me about the challenge of coming to Toscana, we did not need much time to think about that and decided to move to Greve.

Tell us something about your career as a cook and about your life before your choice to move.

After school, I worked a few years in France (Monaco, Bordeaux, Paris) as a Sommelier, then in Belgium, where we had our own restaurant for almost 10 years. Last 3 years I switched to the kitchen.

Give us a funny story that occurred since your arrival...
Moving to Italy was very funny! When we renovated the wine bar this winter I learned a lot of Italian, but as you can imagine with construction workers I learned the bad words first... 
Tell us your favourite dishes

I love the Bistecca, not every week but some of our colleagues can cook it perfectly and choose the best beef!

Let’s get to know Belgian cuisine a little better: which are the most famous dishes? 

It is known for the fries and mussels but Belgium has a very high level of restaurants, you can eat very nice seafood but also meat and venison.

Why choosing a seafood based restaurant? Isn’t it a little strange for Chianti?

It was Francesco (the owner of Albergo Del Chianti), who knows this region very well, that came with the idea to do something DIVERSUS, and I loved the idea, I do not want to compare myself to other Tuscan chefs that  can cook the best Tuscan dishes, I just want to learn and give my touch…
Choosing fish was not difficult, there are very few fish restaurants in the region.

What is a customer going to find in “Diversus”?

For me, the most important thing is that everything is fresh and as much as possible home made, also the product must keep its original taste. I prefer less different products in one dish and high quality!

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