Diversus: our weekly menu - 27/6/2017

The philosophy of "Diversus" is simple: to offer something absolutely unprecedented in the Chianti area. For this reason, we have decided to defy tradition and offer a fine fish based cuisine with some exceptions, which are also very special. We present you this week's menu: a selection of recipes that enrich the main ingredient by focusing on quality and originality.


Four refined proposals to start: a tasty fresh Tuna tartare, a taste of precious French oysters of the Fines de Claires variety, our tasty Carpaccio beef, pesto and Parmigiano (real parmesan cheese ) and finally the so-called "perfect egg" cooked at 63 °c with onion, Parmigiano cheese, and speck.

First Courses

"Diversus" offers a wide choice of fish based first courses, from the classic Spaghetti with the finest clams to the Pasta with octopus sauce, to more particular choices ranging from the luxurious Spaghetti with lobster to the freshly made pasta flavored with the delicious "Bottarga di Muggine" (mullet’s eggs ). We also propose a type of shrimp among the most celebrated, the red shrimp, in a spaghetti with garlic and zucchini in a simple, exquisite combination that exalts its flavor.

Main Courses: high quality of meat and fish

A crucial point, a guarantee of quality, with recipes that enhance the taste of fine ingredients: the tasty Grilled tuna fillet with a confit of tomatoes, the exquisite Yellowtail fished in the Mediterranean Sea served with seasonal vinaigrette and vegetables, but we also offer an alternative of meat, a delicious Pork Fillet served with eggplant and Chianti sauce.

The Desserts

Everything homemade, of course. Summer is ice cream time: we prepare it ourselves, with vanilla or pistachio flavor, milk, and cherry, alone or accompanied by fresh strawberries.

We also have the Panna Cotta for the berries and the lavish Fresh Peaches with Moscato wine accompanied by a refreshing lemon sorbet. For those who prefer to stay on the salty flavors, we propose our Plate of local cheeses, ready to satisfy the most demanding palate.

Our menu consists of a few recipes that change periodically: we will tell you the story of each of them step by step. Next week we will talk about another of the peculiarities of our restaurant, the wine-food combination, with special choices and specially designed for our menu.

Hoping to have made you curious, we look forward to welcome you in Greve in Chianti for a dinner... Diversus!

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