The Chianti wine has ancient origins, so as to give the name even to a part of Tuscany. According to some, the wine chianti was already known to the Etruscans, it certainly speaks in the year 913 and in other documents of 1037, found in the Badia a Coltibuono.

A curiosity about the origin of the name Chianti, according to some could come from the Latin word Clangor (noise), as the noise of the hunters that were popular in the area that today is the Chianti, the second derives from the Etruscan Clante other (water).

The first document, which identifies as an area of ​​Chianti wine production, but also the wine, dating back to the thirteenth century, and refer to the "Chianti League" which was founded in Florence in order to regulate relations with tertiary area of ​​Radda, Gaiole and Castellina.
What is still the emblem of the Chianti wine in the world draws its origins from the right symbol of the League of Chianti Gallo Nero on a gold background.
In 1398 the Chianti was a white wine of poor quality. Later, in 1427, turns red Chianti wine, the quality is improved to the point that is also chosen by the Popes.

Sangiovese grape-
Grape SangioveseIl September 24, 1716 in Florence the Grand Duke Cosimo III de 'Medici, issued a proclamation in which they were specified, for the first time, the boundaries of the areas within which they could be produced wines Chianti Pomino, Carmarthen, and Val d'Arno Sopra, a sort of indication of specific areas of wine production, what is now summarized in the acronym DOC. Grand Duke Cosimo III de 'Medici issued a decree with which the Congregation was a school supervisor on the production, shipping, fraud control and marketing of wine.

It was in 1835 that Bettino Ricasoli, a farmer and winemaker, produced in his estate in Tuscany Castle Brolio a red wine full-bodied and intensely flavored as to keep up with the famous Italian and French red wines. The wine created by Bettino Ricasoli in fact opened the way for marketing in the wine Chianti, which was spread throughout the world.

Vineyards of the Chianti wine recipe ChiantiLa Bettino Ricasoli, was in the vinification of two red grapes (Sangiovese in quantity from 75% to 90%, and 5-10% Canaiolo) and white (2-5% Malvasia) , to which was added later also the quality Trebbiano.

Around 1920, some producers of the "old classical" give life to the consortium for the first defense of the Chianti wine chosen as the symbol of the ancient mark of the Chianti League, the "black cock".

-vineyard Chianti
Vineyard ChiantiNegli seventies recognizes the designation of origin and end of the century, stretches the product specification with the division into seven geographical sub-areas of Tuscany.

Thus was born the Chianti wine that has made Tuscany famous throughout the world through a production that has never stopped improving the quality of that research by one of the best wines of Chianti and disseminated.

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